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The glorious era of the Moghul India is captured for today’s times. A time with, kings and counselors, royalty and grandeur to be available in the heart of Dubai. A themed yet purpose built real estate development that shall bring to life the golden era in Indian history to become a new architectural landmark in the glorious city of Dubai.

With a built up area of approximately 250,000 square meters, the Taj Arabia project is a multi use development offering a wide range of options as the new destination to be in Dubai.

The Development offers freehold residential offer are; two, three bedroom apartments and sky palaces of areas over 1000 m2 each.

450 top keys luxury hospitality land mark building that captures the architectural grandeur of Taj Mahal of India. Boasting international standards of creature comforts and superlative services and facilities, it is set to become the worlds destination for celebrations.

The entire project is replete with lush greenery, soothing water fountains and cascading streams. The environment is regal and harks to a bygone era of magnificence and splendour.

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